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Learning Resources

Keep an eye out for helpful websites and resources for continuous learning at home as well as in school. The website links and resources are linked to the learning that is happening in school. Miss Spittle will try to update this page as often as possible. If you come across a good learning webpage, please share it so we can put it on the website for other children to use.

Educational Apps for use at home:

Click the link below to see a list of Apps that you can use at home. They are all educational and great fun.

Apps to use at home




Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation:

  • Have a look at this website. You can develop and test your grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Reading and writing:                                                       

  • Have you read and finished a book recently? If yes, have a go at plotting the key events of the story into this storyboard.

Story board - Print out and plot in the key events and characters of a story you have read recently.

  1. In literacy we have been learning how to write descriptively using words to create vivid images. Below is a link to a picture. Can you use the picture to write an opening for a story by describing the setting?

Don't forget to include:

  1. Powerful verbs
  2. Adjectives
  3. Simple sentences for suspense and tension
  4. Simple, compound (FANBOYS) and complex sentences.
  5. Different sentence starters (Adverbial phrase, adverb, subordinate clause and 'ing' verbs)
  6. Use the 5 senses to describe what you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

I have included a copy of the setting and planning sheet to help you to write your descriptive paragraph. Just like we've done in class.

Descriptive setting picture- Print and fill in. Write your own piece of descriptive writing


If you are feeling really clever, have a go at writing a story using the picture above as your inspiration.


  • At the beginning of the Spring term we were learning and investigating negative numbers. Below is a weblink to test your knowledge of negative numbers.

  • Below is a great weblink which allows you to play maths games relating to any maths topic. Have a go, see what you think and if you like it, let Miss Spittle know. She loves to hear about the educational games you like to play at home. If it's good it can be shared with the other children in the class.

  • Below is a link to the Nrich website. This is a great page where you can find challenging maths problems. All you need to do is:

-Type in the search box the maths topic you want to do an activity on. Alternatively, click on upper primary.

- Find a problem or challenge for key stage 2.

- Have a go at the Nrich problem of the week.

- Print and have a go. Some of the activities are interactive games that you can play online.

-Challenge your self and bring in anything you have done at home and show Miss Spittle! 

Italy Topic:


Have a look at this close up map of Italy, can you identify the major cities?

Can you use geographical vocabulary to describe the location of Italy.

Key vocab:

North, south, east, west, boarders, landlocked, coastal.

Map of Italy:


Design Technology:

Why not find out how to make an italian dish and give it a go at home?

Get the whole family to join in with the cooking. When you've created the dish and tasted it, I would love to hear whether you liked it or not and what it tasted like!

Visit these website for some tasty recipes: 

Do you recognise any of the names of the dishes?

Have we discussed them in class?

Want to make an authentic pizza? Look no further! Heres a link to a easy pizza recipe. - to make the dough

Remember just to add on any toppings you like!

Active Planet topic:

Plate Boundaries

  • Can you remember the names of the different plate boundaries? Can you put the plates back together?

Plate boundaries jigsaw - Print out and have a go at putting the plates back together?


  • Here are  helpful websites that you might want to use for your homework project. They gives you information about the tectonic plates. 



  • These websites have some helpful information about the behaviour of solids, liquids and gases. Take a look and find out more. If you have an interesting fact, tell Miss Spittle! She loves to learn new facts!

  • Here is a cool game to play where you have to sort the materials. Can you decide if it is a solid, liquid or gas? 

  • Can you group these materials into the headings solids, liquids and gases?

Solid liquid and gas sorting activity. -print, cut up and sort into groups.